Jaya's Half-Sister Digs up Late Mother Elizabeth Ramsey's Body-FIND OUT WHY!!

STAFF 11:33 AM

Elizabeth Ramsey known to be the Queen of Rock and Roll lately passes away.

Jaya's half sister Susan, made an order to dug up the body of their mother Elizabeth to be transferred to San Carlos City Negros Occidental.

According to Susan Jaya wants the body of their mother to be cremated but she oppose to Jaya's decision since that is not what their mother wants, the late Queen wants to be buried at San Carlos that's why Susan decide to transfer her body to Negros Occidental.

The feud rises between the sisters as Susan accused Jaya of not taking care of their mother, she even not visiting Elizabeth during Christmas and allow their mother living together with rats while Jaya's staying in a mansion.

The Queen of Rock and Roll died at the age of 83 due to hyperglycemia attack last year. Her body will be now laid to rest next to her mother and her sibling.

source: TNP


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