POLITICAL GENIUS not A PSYCHOPATH-Caucasian guy Describe President Duterte!


President Duterte was described by many depending on their stand and beliefs of his capability,some may call him "manila killer",Psychopath, a dictator, and positively a political genius.

Many foreign people idolized and so much proud of Pres. Duterte's dedication to solve the Countries Drug problem.

Caucasian guy explained that Rodrigo is trying to employ psy-ops (Psychological Operations). Psy-ops is a technique of psychological manipulation used in warfare.

This technique is used to causing an enemy to surrender, confuse, demoralize, disrupt, and defeat a population of an enemy. According to the law, authorities can only take the lives of the suspects if they fight with violent resistance.

According to this man, this kind of technique is some kind of ancient knowledge that can be a key for successful warfare strategies. It takes thousand years of practice and understanding to successfully deliver deception.

The Caucasian guy encouraged the viewers to look all the aspects of Duterte’s actions in dealing criminals by using scare tactics to make the criminals follow the law. The video emphasized how Filipinos violate even a very simple in the Philippines because laws are not strictly enforced.

Due to unstrict enforcement of law, violators such as corrupt officials, drug addicts, and criminals use their money to bribe government officials for their protection and to exempt in prosecution.

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