Increase number of heinous crime cases are face by our Country, and yet previus administration have no any proposed solution to solve and lower the crime rate.

President Rodrigo Duterte catches the heart and sympathy of filipino due to his promises to eradictae crime and corruption once he will be elected.

Now, we are experiencing lower crime rate due to his strong campaign against illegal drug trade and be put behind bars those drug users,pushers and peddlers.

On heinous crime, people are calling to restore the death penalty bill, to discipline and bring back the peace and order.

The House of Representatives plans to approve a bill that would bring back the death penalty on the third and final reading.It is a priority measure of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Alvarez’s bill sought to reimpose the death penalty for heinous crimes listed under Republic Act 7659, including murder, plunder, rape, kidnapping and serious illegal detention, sale, use and possession of illegal drugs, carnapping with homicide, among others.

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said that the House would work to approve the death penalty bill.

“I don’t know with the Senate, I don’t control it, but as far as the House is concerned, we will approve it before the Christmas break,” Alvarez said.
The President  said that the House plans to leave it up to the executive to set the method of execution for the hardened criminals.But according to the Chief Executive,the cheaper the method,the better.“If they want to hang them, shoot them by firing squad, it’s up to them. The criminals would be dead either way,” he said.

President Duterte noted the critics often insisted that death penalty is not effective in lowering the crime,but, the President said that the death penalty did not work during the time of his predecessors because the state did not kill enough when it is in effect.It would have been different had it been implemented properly, he said.

President Duterte wants the death penalty restored and now the Congress will approve the death penalty bill before Christmas break.


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