If You See These On Your Private Part- You Must Be Alert.


More girls are silent when it comes to their private part issue. This may be because they are ashamed of sharing it. However, there are blisters that can be cleared away easily.

Girls, you don’t need to be anxious about it for you are prone in having blisters there. This can be due to friction, ingrown hairs and sweat glands that are clogged.
However, you should bear in mind that there is a huge difference between a STD blister and a non-STD blister. The blister found in a woman’s private part is just like other blisters that is filled with blood or may be fluid. They don’t itch or smell though even they are red and dark in the center.
Blisters in the private part do not hurt. They are not painful if there’s no friction. But, they may be delicate to touch. It is in your inner labia where you can feel it if you clean your private part after peeing. It should not hurt if you touch it.
To treat your blisters, it is recommended to immerse yourself in a hot bath. You can also try a sitz bath. Blisters, when soaked into water will dissolve without you feeling any discomfort. Just let it disappear naturally without popping it.
Blisters don’t usually last for more than one week. However there are some that goes beyond a week if your body takes longer time to heal.

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