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If you witness someone suffering from heart attack, you can help him by being in control and, all you need to have is cayenne pepper. This ingredient is so powerful that it can stop it in only 1 minute.

According to healers and herbalists, they have never lost a patient with a heart attack. They have always bringing cayenne pepper with them in their pockets. Once the heart attack occurs, you will need to take 1 tsp of cayenne pepper and pour it over hot water, like a cayenne tea, and the patient gets back to his/her feet in just 1 minute.
The best ways to use cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper must be at least 90,000 heat units in order to stop heart attack. The person has to be conscious. In this case, 1 tsp of cayenne powder should be mixed in a glass of warm water and the person needs to drink it immediately. If the patient is unconscious, you may still use the powder with at least 90,000 HU, however, this time it should be used in a form of tincture, or cayenne extract. Just put a couple of droppers underneath the person’s tongue.
These are the basic steps you need to do if you want to stop heart attack from occurring. This action increases the heart rate and balances the circulation. The effects are hemostatic, meaning that it helps in heart recovery and stops bleeding.
People consider it as the most effective natural remedy for many health issues as well as unexpected heart issues. You can also prepare your own tincture by following these steps.
How to make a tincture?
  • 50% of alcohol (vodka will do the work);
  • A few fresh cayenne peppers;
  • Cayenne pepper powder;
  • 1 glass bottle (1 liter is preferable);
  • Gloves (cayenne pepper is hot).
How to prepare it: put the gloves on, fill ¼ of the bottle with cayenne powder, fill it with alcohol to cover the powder, blend the fresh peppers, and then add the alcohol so that it looks like a sauce. Place the mixture in a glass bottle, however, leave the bottle ¼ empty. Then, fill it with alcohol one more time, filling it to the top. Close it well and shake it couple of times a day. Leave it for 28-29 days and once this period ends, you should strain it with a gauze. Keep the tincture in a dark bottle. The tincture will be even stronger if you strain it after 3 months. Store it in dark and dry place. The tincture will not spoil, and this is the best part about it.
5-10 drops of the tincture are suitable for the patient who suffers a heart attack and is conscious. You may add 50-10 drops more after 5 minutes again. The condition of the patient should improve by then. In case the patient is unconscious, then put 1-3 drops of it under the tongue and perform the CPR. This treatment needs to be repeated each 5 minutes until the condition of the patient improves.

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