The BIGGEST Reason Why You need to KEEP ONION SKIN-It Could Save Your Life!!


Knowing the fact that many people are suffering from hunger, but there are still who doesn't know how to value the food they prepare every day.

We usually throw left over in the bin, vegetables and fruits skins are being throw away but we are making a big mistake ,since those skins are the tastiest and the healthiest part of the plant.
The healthiest part of vegetables and fruits are actually the colored parts. Therefore, consider this article before you throw them away next time.
For instance, the skin of an onion is something that most of us throw. Bu, we are not aware how rich it is in an antioxidant called quercetin, which is known to lower the blood pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis. Your meal will be enriched with more nutrients just by adding the onion skins in it.
Onion skin offers a range of health benefits to the body, such as: destroying cancer cells, lowering blood sugar, boosting the immunity with the help of vitamin C, and preventing nose bleeding.
Darker color means phytonutrient density
We usually remove the leaves or the stems without knowing that they can be as nutritious as the other parts of the plant. Celery and broccoli, for example, are among the vegetables which have more vitamins and fiber in the leaves rather than in the stalks. The same goes for carrots and beet. Namely, for photosynthesis, plants need sunlight which they absorb through their leaves. Therefore, these parts of the plant contain far healthier nutrients and can be highly beneficial for human`s health.
Love your food and it will love your back
Why do we always throw fruit skins away? They can also be highly beneficial and contain plenty of nutrients. For example, although citrus peels may make your juice a bit bitter and change its taste, at the same time they also double the dose of nutrients.
Feel free to add the orange peel to your smoothie, or just put a piece of the peel in a glass of water and eat it after drinking the water. It will bring plenty of vitamin C, phenols, and fiber to your organism and will also detoxify your cells, making them protected from oxidative stress and from toxic metals. In addition, peel will make your breath fresh and will remove the toxins from your water.
Don’t hesitate to scrub lemon peels and add them into your smoothie of meal in order to treat an easy erectile dysfunction. The peel is also rich in fiber and is able to improve the taste of your beverage.
Start over again
Besides for consumption, the same vegetable edges can be used for regrowing these plants as well. So, there is another reason for not throwing them in the bin. Root leeks and scallion in water, and grow potatoes and ginger in pots!
In conclusion, add leaves, stems, and roots into your food and drink and feel free to experiment with them. No one will notice their presence, and you will treat yourself and others with more nutrients. It`s so easy!

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