The Man Shocked The World: CANCER CAN BE TREATED IN LESS THAN 4 MINUTES!, He Demonstrated It!

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Cancer is a very serious disease that mostly 70% of human population died each year. Cancer can be derived from  food that we eat contain carcinogenic chemicals , and some uncontrollable activities, too much stress can be one of the cause of cancer.

Many studies and home remedies are now being introduced in social media sites, on how to detect growing cancerous cells at early stage, and a proper treatment for prevention.

I was amazed on how this man demonstrate to  treat cancer in just 3 minutes.

He called it "Theory of Cancer", Our emotions and way of thinking are the best key in the electromagnetic field and their waves come to one meter from us.It is thought that one day people will be able to produce electrical energy by expressing thoughts.

For clear explanation, watch his demonstration:
source: Be extra healthy now.

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