This Female OFW Humiliates Applicant, Not Fluent In English Fit To Work As Domestic Helpers Only!


An Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW slams a 4 year Education degree holder for not speaking english fluently by posting it on her facebook account, stating that those people who cannot speak English are only fit as domestic helpers.

Online community then reacted over her opinion about the applicant, whose name was not mentioned, and is aspiring to be a tutor nanny in Dubai.
According to the Filipina, education graduates who are not fluent in speaking the English language are better off “only” as domestic helpers (DH). She also believes that the applicant did not do well with her studies, maybe not attending her classes, for she was unable to speak English fluently.
The Filipina also bragged about her “English skills”.
At the end of her post, the woman again stressed that the applicant should just forget about the “illusion” of becoming a tutor in Dubai.

here's the post:

source: Read and Digets

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