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Do you have an idea that rice water can do something to your body?

Most of us are not aware the benefits of using rice water.  Read the full information below summarizing the amazing benefits from rice water.

This water is full of nutrients derived from cooking rice. All you need is to cook the rice, and after it is cooked well, drain the water in a separate bowl and your water is ready for consumption.
Rice water is extremely useful and these are the benefits it has for you:
  • Good source of energy
It is loaded with carbohydrates, and it means that provides a lot of energy for all day. Human body have need for carbohydrates as energy, thus a glass of rice water in morning is the best way to start your day. Also when feel tired or have lack of energy, should be taken one glass of rice water.
  • It prevents constipation

You should also know that rice water is rich in fiber, which means that it’s very useful and beneficial for regular bowel movements. The starch in the rice water motivates the development of useful bacteria in the stomach.

  • Prevents dehydration
During the summer days we are losing a lot of water through sweating and rice water is ideal to prevent dehydration and loss of nutrients.
  • Effectively treats symptoms of viral infections

We must also know that rice water is very often used as natural remedy for fever, due to restore of lost nutrients and fluid loss. It will accelerate the healing process and recovery is going much faster.

  • Rice water relieves symptoms of diarrhea
Rice water turns out to be an amazing home solution for treating diarrhea.  You should also know that it’s completely safe for children, even newborns, who are more susceptible to stomach discomforts.  A recent study has found that rice water can effectively relieve the symptoms of diarrhea in infants
  • Prevents Cancer
Drinking this rice water more often, organism becomes much more powerful in fight against many ailments, even fight cancer.
  • Prevents Alzheimer
A recent study has found that drinking cooked rice water can prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. This is also one of the other great advantages of drinking cooked rice water.
  • Protection from Sun
This water contains high amounts of oryzanol. This powerful substance prevents harmful UV beams from the sun. We need to use rice water in order to offer skin assistance in taking sun’s heat.

How to make rice water:

You just have to follow the simple instructions. Here’s what you need to do – you just have to boil the rice in some fresh water. After it’s cooked well, strain the water in a separate container

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