Social Media is now a medium for everything be it legal or illegal, criminals number one source is also the social media to haunt for their target victim.

That is why we need to be careful not just in our daily lives but also about what we post or share in social media.  We do not know who's looking in our profile online to steal some information for their own good. Here are Top 10 things we should never share or post in Facebook and other social media account for safety and security.

1. Your complete home and work address

You are making things easy for criminals to figure out where you live or where you work when you post your complete home and work address on Facebook. This is one of the personal information that should not be on social media to avoid getting robbed.
2. Your Date of Birth
Your date of birth or complete birth date of your family members. This information may put your personal and financial security at risk. Same as your telephone or mobile number. Do not post personal information on Facebook, other than your name and birth date but without a year.
3. Your Mother's Maiden Name
According to New York Times, "your mother's maiden name is an especially valuable bit of information, not least since it’s often the answer to security questions on many sites." It includes credit card companies, your wireless service provider, and numerous other firms frequently rely on this tidbit to protect your personal information.

4.Your Current Location
Many people don't realize that when they post a status update they may also be revealing their current location. Be it in a park, store, or restaurant. Giving out your location information can be dangerous because it tells potential thieves that you might not be at home.
5. The layout of your house
Excited about building a new house and you cannot contain to show off the layout to your friends on Facebook? Be careful, you may give information to criminal to know the exact layout of our house. They said it is 100 times easier for him to get around once he breaks in. Identity Theft 911 reminds Facebook users never to post photos that reveal the layout of an apartment or home and the valuables therein.
6. Your Relationship Status
If your relationship status is "single" it may be best not to make it a public knowledge. Stalkers are all around. They love to know that you just became newly single. It gives them the green light they were looking for to resume stalking now that you're back on the market. It also lets them know that you might be home alone. Your best bet is to just leave this blank on your profile.
7. Vacation plans or details
Letting everyone know that your house is going to be empty is an invitation to be robbed. Facebook is increasingly used by criminals nowadays to identify potential victims.
8. Picture of your plane ticket or boarding pass
Do you know that by posting a picture of your plane ticket or boarding pass, you are already giving other people your information to modify or cancel your booking?

All they need to know is to go to the airline website, click the "Manage Booking" enter your name as a passenger and ticket number or booking reference.

People with malicious minds could use that information to change your seat, change your flight or worst, cancel your flight.
9. Stuff about your kids
Kids are cute and adorable. That is why we love to share pictures of our kids online. But you never know who's watching. Any photo of your child may fall into the hands of pedophiles or child pornographers. Do not post partially or completely naked pictures of your kids online, nor their complete name. Also, do not post the name and address of the school they go to avoid kidnapping. Exercise more cautions.
10. Inappropriate picture or videos
Your may lose your job because of that racy, illicit or incriminating photos or videos on Facebook. Even deleted photos could come back to haunt you.

source: jbsolis.com

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