120-Year-Old Man Share His Secret To lomg Life And It's Not What You Want To Hear!

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Are you aspiring to live a longer life? probably 130 years old? If you do, you must check the article below and if you can follow what this old man did to live more than a hundred years.

Many people who have managed to reach any age of 90 have their secrets to long life. Some will say it’s down to something specific, like a Toffee Penny in a tub of Quality Street.

Others will be a bit broader about it, claiming a decent diet will do it.

The world’s oldest man, a 120-year-old monk, has a very controversial technique, and it’s not what you want to hear if you want to live for an entire century.

Swami Sivananda was born on August 8, 1896, (I can’t get my head around that), and he puts it all down to celibacy. Yep, Swami’s advice, if you want to live into your 100s, is to not have s3x.

The old-timer has lived in the Indian city of Varanasi for his whole life, but at his tender age doesn’t need medical aid nor any help from anyone. He performs yoga every day, which could be a factor in his old age.

In fact, he could just be saying that celibacy is the key to long-life as a cover up for not being able to get any for half a century. Who knows?

He is reportedly applying to Guinness World Records so that he can have the official title of ‘world’s oldest man’ following the death of Japan’s Jiroemon Kimura aged 116 years.

What are you saying, lads? Happy to knock s3x on the head to live a long life, or happy to carry on and bow out at around the 80 mark?

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