20 Things You Have to Know While Going Through Menopause- Must Share


People might tell you that it’s totally natural and it is all part of being a woman, but you just know the truth. Once you hit the menopause, you feel like it’s hell on earth.

From growing hair on your chin to gaining a few extra pounds, and this is possibly the worst time of your life.

Here are a few things you will definitely get!

1.You start to cry for nothing specific
All those hormones rushing through your body are causing you to cry at basically anything.

2. You will find hair in the most random places
It is not strange to start finding hair on your chin, because for some silly reason, the menopause makes you grow hair in the most ridiculous places.

3. Sleeping at night appears impossible
Menopause insomnia is a real thing and it is horrible. Everyone else has gone to sleep, but you are still awake. You lie in the bed wondering why you are so hot and why you just can’t sleep.

4. You want chocolate, all of it
All you can think about now is eating all the chocolate in the world. You find yourself imagining about it all the time.

5. And then, you start gaining weight
Maybe it’s the fact that you just devoured too much chocolate bars or maybe it’s about your metabolism being slowed down.

6. Sometimes, you just won’t remember your own name
Menopause can actually make you start forgetting the most basic things. From where you put your keys to what your name is, even the most simple of things will seem to confuse you.

7. And, you get scared that your brain left you for good
The menopause is making you believe that your brain has left you forever.

8. You start breaking out like some teenager
In this period, you get to relive the pain of your teenage years once again.

9. You start saying exactly what’s on your mind

Sometimes, you’ll want to keep all your mean comments inside, but that just feels impossible. You will start being direct when talking to someone.

10. Swelling of some parts of your body
Your ankles are the ones that are mostly disposed to swelling.

11. Mood swings
One minute you are happy, and the next you want to rip someone’s throat out… Yup, welcome to the menopause. You are going to cry, laugh, scream and shout, probably all within a period of 20 minutes or so.

12. If someone touches you, you may scream
If people try to comfort you with a hug, you feel like you will just rather scream in their face!

13. You struggle to stop saying mean comments
The times when someone annoyed you a little and you simply smiled and let it go are OVER. When someone says a stupid thing, you will definitely come down on them like a bag of bricks.

14. You genuinely feel like you’re going insane
At some point, you‘ll honestly think that you have lost the plot completely, yet you will definitely want some chocolate.

15. Hot flashes
You surely have heard the myths about hot flashes before you hit menopause, but you have NEVER imagined that it will be this bad!

16. You’d rather sit in the fridge
At some moments, you’ll get so hot that the only option seems to be sitting inside the fridge. But this behavior is just not acceptable, right?

17. You sweat more than you thought a person can
Throughout the day, you will sweat so much and you’ll never feel clean.

18. Somehow you still retain water
However, somehow, even after sweating out all of that excess liquid, you still have water retention problems, which mean that you’ll end up bloated.

19. ALL you want to do is eat, eat, eat
Food is now your life and it is replacing your social life. Basically, when you are not sleeping or working, you will surely be eating.

20. You are always on the war path

In this period, anger is your middle name, and that means that no one should ever stand in your way! When you are in one of these moods, people should better run!

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