A Heart Attack Can Be Predicted , Your Hair Warns You! Here's How!


Chest pain is an early symptom of a heart attack, but many of those who have experienced it have not had chest pain. Some of the cases can be slow and other can happen very fast. This depends on many factors.

Some people do not go to the hospital and neglect the less-known symptoms. One needs to get medical help in time, before it is too late.

The body sends signals and warns people what is going to happen. Our hair can warn us as well. This because it contains high levels of a hormone named cortisol which can tell you that stroke is coming.

 Cortisol can be measured in blood, urine, and saliva, but it is different with the hair. It grows 5-6 inches of the strand can show a longer period of increased stress levels. There have been 56 people who experienced heart attacks who have been examined. Their hair has been compared to others who did not experience a heart attack.

56 people with previous heart attack have been examined. Their hair has been compared with others that didn’t experience a heart attack.

The cardiovascular expert Chauncey Qrendi says that there are 4 signs or symptoms of a heart attack. The first one is chest pain, although not always chest pain can lead to a heart attack. The second one is sweating and nausea. The third is difficulty breathing and the last one is stomach problems.

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