An OLD LADY Earn Praises For being The First Regular Donor To "Duterte's Kitchen"Despite Being A SMALL TIME VENDOR


There is no valid excuse for helping and sharing what you have, only people with a good heart can share willingly and with whole heart, helping is not just giving material thing it can be in your effort too.

Proving that anyone can help and be generous no matter how rich or poor they are, 64-year-old Nanay Angelita Astor has become the first regular donor to “Duterte’s Kitchen” despite being ‘just’ a small-time vendor!

Nanay Angelita earned the praise of netizens for her generosity even if she also does not have a lot of money herself!
In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, the official page of Duterte’s Kitchen shared the story of how Nanay Angelita became a donor.
(At the time when Duterte’s Kitchen wasn’t well known yet, I had already spent time with the children who go and eat there. Since my selling spot is near the Kitchen, the staff often buy the ingredients of the porridge from me. Sometimes when they come here to buy, I just give it to them as a form of help [for the Kitchen].
It feels good to share to others, especially now that I can give more than just garlic and onions because I can also share some vegetables.)
Isn’t it so wonderful that people like Nanay Angelita share what they can to help others even if they also need help? Nanay Angelita is a good example of a person with a generous heart.
source: kickerdaily

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