By means of knowing what type of blood you have, you can determine that you need to be healthy and fit in order to protect your body from different diseases.

We can do many thing in order to improve the personal health condition – we can exercise, eat healthier.

Blood type can determinate to which diseases we are prone to.  Depending on whether you are A, B, AB or 0 you can be more or less prone to certain diseases.

In blood type AB is increased the risk of cognitive disorders. One study has shown that the older person with this blood type are more like to have problems with learning, recall of certain things… This blood type is linked with certain clotting factors and proteins in the blood.

The blood type B has 26% lower risk of stomach cancer. The risk of gastric cancer is 26% higher in the other blood types.

This probably due to the bacterium named Helicobacter pylori. Around two-thirds of people have this bacterium in the stomach. People with blood type A and AB have stronger reaction to these bacteria.

The same bacteria Blood group 0 has the lowest risk of heart disease increases the risk of stomach ulcer in blood type O. Blood group 0 has the lowest risk of heart disease.

The people with blood type O has lower risk of heart diseases. Other blood types are more prone to the negative influence of inflammatory process.

Blood type A has problems with cholesterol. The positive fact about type A is that this people have less chances of infertility. This is especially true for women who have significantly higher numbers of eggs and one way is “protected” by the prospect of infertility.

On the other hand people who own this blood type very easily can gain weight and have problems with cholesterol. Although the blood type has important role in getting particular disease it is not clear how big influence really has.

The best advice is to hold to healthy lifestyle, eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and take care of the health.

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