Canola Oil Is Linked To A Higher Risk Of Cancer-BEWARE!


Statistics show that consumers are becoming more and more health-conscious. Many food manufacturers recognize this and, as a result, are releasing healthier products.

But not all manufacturers are responding to the health trend with ethical strategies.
Some have instead chosen to rely on clever, deceptive marketing of their products.
Case and point: canola oil.
Manufacturers market it as the healthiest salad and cooking oil you can buy. That’s an absolute lie – one of many canola oil myths organizations like the Canola Council of Canada perpetuate.
The deception begins right from the start, at the manufacturing stage.

Where Canola Oil Actually Comes From ?

What we know of as canola oil is actually a Canadian invention derived from the rapeseed plant.
Rapeseed oil was originally used industrially as a lubricant, in insecticides and in fuel.
But in 1995, Monsanto figured out how to genetically modify rapeseed oil into something “edible.”
Scientists gave the resulting liquid the name “canola oil” after combining the words “Canada” and “ola,” the latter of which means oil.
Pretty sneaky, eh?
Wait till you hear what health risks canola oil poses.

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