Computer Programmer Claims Jesus Will Return To Destroy The Planet-Will The World End This Month!


There are many theory states that the end of the world is near, the second coming of Jesus Christ, and he will save the people and punish those who don't abide the commandments.

Read a text from Mail Online:

A conspiracy theorist has claimed that Jesus will return to Earth this month, guiding his people to heaven and leaving the planet totally sterile for 1,000 years.

Nora Roth, a Christian computer programmer, says she has performed complex calculations which suggest the apocalypse will occur by the end of 2016.
At that point, 'everlasting righteousness will be brought in', and Earth will be 'left to rest' for a millennium.

The claims have been made on Ms Roth's website, MarkBeast, in a post called '2016 The Time of the End.'
Ms Roth writes: 'In the fall [autumn] of 2016, the 6,000 years of sin on earth will come to an end, everlasting righteousness will be brought in, and Jesus will come again to take His people to heaven.'

'Then the Earth will begin its 1,000 years of rest.'
Ms Roth believes that each person has a probation time on Earth. 
Ms Roth's calculations are based on an excerpt from the Bible's Book of Daniel, which tells the story of the Jewish people's forced relocation to Babylon.

In the story, Gabriel says that 'Seventy sevens are decreed […] to put an end to sin.'
Ms Roth believes that 'sevens' refers to a Jubilee cycle, which is a unit of time.
The Bible states that the working week should be six days long, with a rest day on Sunday.

This also extends on a larger scale, and Ms Roth says that God 'told the children of Israel to plant and to harvest their land for six years and then let the land rest the seventh year.'

End Times Prophecies, who posted the video, claimed that the Earth is currently overdue a magnetic flip, and predicted it would happen in July as it overlapped with the 'second coming of Jesus.'
Luckily for us, the world did not experience a magnetic polar flip, and did not end in July.  

Source: mailonline

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