Having PAIN During Period? Try These Home Remedies- Pain No More In Just Few Seconds!


It's the worst day of the month for all women, 70% are suffering from this pain and they  tend to lie in their beds and take painkillers, each month passing through this agony and pain. There are natural remedies which can help you ease the pain. This can be done by doing light exercises or adding calcium and iron into your diet.

  • Try to drink as much water as you can – Drinking too much water quite helpful in avoiding bloating during menstrual days. And, it’s too good to drink hot or warm water as it will help in fastening the blood circulation and then help you in relaxing your cramped muscles. You should take around 8-10 glasses of water on regular basis.
  • Take enough calcium – this can be done through foods high in calcium as this mineral will help you reduce cramps.
  •  Always take nutrients food – Avoid the fast foods and try to take more green vegetables, dry fruit juices, fishes, eggs, cinnamon, ginger which contains proper vitamins and nutrition. Avoid foods with fake sugar and eat foods with natural sugars, like strawberries, instead.
  • Avoid foods which increase bloating – carbohydrate vegetables, grains, and fatty foods since they increase bloating.
  • Take less caffeine – Take less caffeine which will help you relieve the tension and minimize your cramps. Tea is a better option in spite of coffee, or even replace your black tea with non-caffeinated tea such as ginger tea. Caffeine can also make you dehydrated, which can lead your body to retain more water and can make you feel more bloated.
  • Take enough vitamin D – you can ease the pain with proper intake of vitamin D. you can take supplements, or try taking it through foods like salmon, tuna, orange juice, soy milk, egg yolk, cheese, and cereals.
  • Do light exercises.
  • Apply heat in abdominal ara – Take some warm water in a bottle or thermos and apply that in lower abdominal and I bet you will get relief within minutes.
  • Take a shower with warm water – this will help you ease the pain and relax, easing cramps.

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