Rain Of BLACK STONES IN TURKEY, Is This Another Sign That The End Of The World Is Near?


There are a lot of rumors that the end is near, the signs that was stated in the bible such as war between big countries, unusual activities and happenings. People tend to repent from their sins and renew their lives to be saved when the judgement day come.

Another weird thing happen when a city in turkey was stormed with a rain of black stones from the sky.Many went afraid and was fearful of the trivial phenomena which scientists and weather experts were still boggling of this unusual weather phenomena days ago.

A city in Turkey, called Sinop City, were videotaped by a concerned citizen wherein the unusual rain of stones occurred a few days ago. The video was uploaded last November 23, and according to the caption of the post, it happened yesterday of the day the video footage was recorded. Photos were also uploaded to conclude that it was not a hailstorm, but rather of genuine rocks and stones falling from he skies  The stone size ranged from about the size of a golf ball and is varying of color from brown to black.

 The unusual weather phenomena was generating fear and calling out attention in social media. Religious folks link back the phenomena into the Bible wherein in  Joshua 10:11 said: “the Lord cast down great stones from heaven upon them until Azekah, and they died.” There had been no reported casualties behind the falling of stones from the sky, but for sure there is a science behind the phenomena that occurred in Turkey lately.

Over the years, experts from the ancient time up to the modern day are still being puzzled by the unusual things that come raining down the sky such as balls of ice (hail), fishes, nuts, beans, seeds, frogs, and even jellyfishes has been bothering the weather ever since from the start and there had been no concrete explanation behind it except for their theory that tornadoes or strong winds are throwing various objects from one place ballistic-ally towards an unsuspecting village mile and miles away from the place it started.

Apparently, there has not been further explanation regarding the weather phenomenon that occurred in Turkey, and citizens of the place are channeling back to their faith and returning to God, as they say, before it is "too late"

source: wattafox

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