When He Said He Put Banana And An Egg In The Ground I Thought It Was A Joke .But The Result?? WOW!!


Plants need to grow well like humans too, they need essential vitamins and nutrients, farmers are giving enough fertilizer for their plants to grow healthy.

Most of the time, when new plants are put into the earth, there are three basic steps:  digging the right sized hole, putting in the right fertilizer, and then watering it the right amount.
Fertilizer is very important for plants because it contains nutrients that help plants grow correctly, and can help them survive even if the soil conditions are not up to par.
One many thought of a great life hack that allows you to skip dealing with fertilizer, and allows you to never have to buy it again!
Fertilizer typically has a set of premixed ingredients that help plants, such as Sulfur, Nitrogen and Potassium.  In current times, you can buy a premixed soil that has the exact correct amounts of these ingredients, or you can use cow manure, though less pleasant.
As it turns out, instead of planting with a pack of fertilizer, dropping in an egg and a banana into your hole will help your plant grow as well.
Over time, the egg and banana decompose in the hole, and all of their sugars and nutrients get absorbed by the soil, and then by the plant.
The egg and banana combination provide just the right amount of ingredients that you would need from store bought fertilizer.
In the video that shows how to use this life hack, the man explains exactly why this works so well, and gives a few tips on optimizing your egg/banana fertilizer.

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