61 Year Old Model Stuns The World, Shares Her Secrets to Graceful Aging-Very Impressive!!


Age is just a number, it is still up to you on how you take good care of your body to stay sexy and healthy.This 61 years old swimsuit model proved it all, she still looks amazing even at 60's.

Her name is Yazemeenah Rossi and she has achieved the ability to age slowly through a good lifestyle and maintaining proper dietary habits. 
She is simple but still raw and through photographs of her, we are able to see women as who they are rather than as objects to over sexualize. Rossi is confident in herself and it truly shows in all images of her. She is a positive well-traveled intelligent individual who shines in all she does.
Rossi took the time to speak with The Sunday Times on her ‘secrets to maintaining youth.’ According to Rossi, she does not eat anything sprayed with pesticides. She only ingests high-quality foods.
Rossi says she has been eating only organic before it became a trend, and will continue to do so long after the fad has died. 
This model only proves without any doubt that attaining fit and healthy body is possible if you know how to maintain your health, age is not a measure of looking older.


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