800 Years Old Recipe Can Cure Any Heart Problems And Disease! Very Effective


The creator of this recipe is the famous nun Hildegard von Bingen, who lived 800 years ago and died at the age of 81. An effective recipe was presented to cure any heart diseases and effectively used since 800 years.

Later, her recipe for heart problems was taken by famous doctors and published in their written work.
The nun advised that every household should have this magnificent recipe that achieves extraordinary successes.

She was a mystic and in her written lifework, she explains that everything that is written comes from her visions of God.

This recipe has been transferred by the famous herbalist Mary Treble, author of the book “Health from God’s Pharmacy”. The recipe is simple and we offer it below:

This natural remedy for heart was shown successful in all cardiac weaknesses and real heart diseases.

Use it when you feel any heart problems such as piercing, flickering, skipping, due to stress. It proved to be favorable in cases of angina pectoris as well.

The recipe for a natural heart cure

You will need:

  • 10 stems of fresh parsley (no root)
  • A liter of homemade red or white wine
  •  Two tablespoons wine vinegar
  •  300 grams of natural honey
Preparation: Put 10 fresh parsley stalks together with the leaves in a liter of pure natural wine and add 1-2 tablespoons of pure vinegar.

Cook this 10 minutes over low heat (ATTENTION, it makes foam!). Afterwards, 300 gr real bee honey are added and left to slowly cook for another 4 minutes.

Strain the hot wine for heart and put it in a warm bottle that was previously washed with strong alcohol. CLOSE IT WELL! The precipitate that is formed is not harmful and can be freely drunk.

 Everyone is left to the decision whether or not to cook the honey.


This potion is used daily, by taking a tablespoon, until the cessation of symptoms.
For serious diseases, it is necessary to use it a longer period of time.

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