BEWARE: if You Find Rubber Band At Your Door, This Is What It Means!!


There are many unique techniques used by thieves to enter every home, and that should be known to everyone.

A woman named Kim Fleming heard a knock on her door, however, she did not feel right, thus did not answer it for she was alone. 

There were couple of more knocks, but after some time the person who knocked finally left. The lady looked through the glass of her door and there was a man.

In 30 minutes she walked outside in order to see what was going on and saw something quite strange at the door. A rubber band was being put on her door knob in order to hold them open.

Professional thieves use this technique in order to ensure they unhinge and get inside once you unlock the door. When the door is open, the thief will burst in and attack you. Make sure not to open doors while you are all alone.


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