Center For Disease Control Warns: Hair Bands From China Made Out Of Used C0nd0ms Could Spread STD`s!!!


CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention begin to inform the public to be aware with the product made in China that may spread STD's. This product is known hair bands they state that Chine is using used c0ndoms, recycled, then being processed and sold into hair bands at the markets and the beauty salons.

The possibility of getting STD's is the main concern of the CDC and the worst is can be infected with AIDS.
These hair ties may easily spread since it is sold at very affordable price and being traded all over the country. Here is the statement form CDC about this issue:
The CDC is sure that these hair ties and rubber bands which are made out of unsanitary c0ndoms, has 4 times bigger amount of bacteria on it than those bacteria found in the public restroom toilet. The AIDS virus, warts, herpes and other STD venereal diseases are easy to get when the rubber band or hair ties end up in the mouth while setting their hair.”
Woman from Los Angeles was shocked when she realized that the hair band she bought was made from recycled c0ndom.
She got the scissors and carefully cut around the edges. She saw the used condom and she lost words. She wanted to tell more people about this so that people would stop using them.
Look before you buy next time. If they are made in Chine they are a potential health hazard. Throw them immediately!

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