HE SUCCESSFULLY Defeat Prostate Cancer!!!!! Read This And Find Out How!!!!!


Doctors said that they could do nothing to save his life, But Vernon Johnson find a cure to help himself to get better and defeat this kind of disease. He defeated prostate cancer stage 4 that actually spread to the bone marrow. All of the doctors gave up on him.There are many people who suffer from cancer all around the world. This is due to contaminated water, food, vaccines and even poisoned air.

The stress is a good way to get cancer as well.
The advice that Vernon got from his brother Larry to increase the pH level in the body helped him a lot. It is impossible for the cancer to develop and spread in the alkaline environment. Vernon bought cesium chloride and increased the pH levels. The faith involved its hands, and the cesium chloride he ordered was lost in transport. Vernon had to look for other options. He found that baking soda and maple syrup can help as well.
The maple syrup was not found in his kitchen so he used the molasses.
He wrote everything in his diary. Besides this treatment he included a diet with alkalinity, minerals, vitamin supplements and sunlight. He included the baking soda and molasses.
The cheapest, safest and most effective against cancer is sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). You can only try it and not lose anything, there is only something to gain.
The maple syrup helps the baking soda to enter the cancer cells and kill them with alkalinity and oxidized them to destruction.
You can also use molasses acting as nutritional support.
Here is the recipe for this:
2 teaspoons baking soda. Put them in a cup and add bit molasses or maple syrup. Add some water. Warm it a little and mix them all. Consume it several times a day. Soda is the best solution that can help you fight the cancer in the system. Consume it for few weeks and see the result like Vernon did. He went to see the doctor after several weeks of consuming this and the doctors confirmed that the prostate cancer and bone marrow has disappeared. He now tells his story trying to help everyone else.
Here is the video that you can use to prepare this medicine.


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