Mothers, Listen: This Vaccine Damages The Ovaries And Reproductive System Of Your Daughters!


Merck & Co. makes the HPV vaccine named Gardasil. But, shockingly, a recent study proved that it is not examined in details about the effect on females and their reproductive organs.

This is an awful mistake by them and due to it, an Australian girl has totally destroyed ovaries.
This is the story of this 16 year old girl.

Her ovaries are now gone, destroyed and she is in early menopause after that.

The parents must keep an eye of Gardasil.

This study was made 3 years after her misfortunate event, when she was left with damaged ovaries.

After she got examined, they found out these bad news. Her ovaries were perfect before and now are totally lost. The Australian authorities, the Merck, never tested this vaccine on the female systems.

 They only tested it on males!

Some histology results of epididymidides and rats existed, but not rat’s ovaries results.
This vaccine is made for women primarily, but the company made a huge mistake and never tested it on ovaries in females and female reproduction organs.

Some other studies say this vaccine has 2 items inside that are CHAOS provoking.

It has a preservative called polysorbate 80.

This is also found in processed foods, but in vaccines is different.

As the study claimed, the main ingredient damages the organs for reproduction.  Such additives, reduce the uterus function and its weight and the ovaries get “older” faster and speed up the sexual aging in girls and women.

When such additives like the polysorbate 80 get inside the bodies, the immunity responds in a way that shows awful side effects, as patients of Gardasil reported.


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