New Evidence! Obesity Is Caused By A Virus!-Different from What You Believe...


Newly discovered study by a US scientist claiming that obesity is transferable not just a matter of food control, it can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing, dirty hands.

A virus attacks the tissue and multiplies causing the fat to overcome the body, leading to obesity. It starts in the lungs, spreading its way to other organs like liver, kidneys and the brain. By attacking the tissue in the system it starts to multiply causing the number of fat cells to increase, later leading to obesity.
The research was conducted on animals like mice and chicken. It was shown that these animals carry the virus called AD-36 ( Adenovirus serotype 36). The study showed that regardless of the food we eat the virus can increase our weight fast. A study conducted in 2006 in Australia by the Richard Atkinson University of Wisconsin, showed that 20 % of the participants had AD-36 virus. The Study was conducted on 2000 participants and their blood was tested.
Over one third of adults carry this virus. This statement was shown in the research testing done in the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana by Professor Nikhil Dhurandhar.  The study also showed that about 70% of Americans are not immune to this virus, no matter the age.
Usually people carry this infection up to three months and that not necessarily they are obese. Many obese people have this infection, but not every obese person is obese because of the presence of this virus.
People are those that can help themselves in protecting their health from this virus. They can do this by eating healthy and organic, as well as do exercise and increase the level of oxygen in the body. Scientists are trying to make an anti- Ad-36 vaccines and therapeutics. But there is still no change. So the best way to protect yourself is to eat healthy and take care of your body.


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