RED ALARM FOR WOMEN: ONE of TEN Women Suffers From This INSIDIOUS Disease and Even Not Aware OF!


Women should pay attention to this kind of diseases that can put their lives in danger if not treated earlier.

Nearly 10 percent of women in their reproductive age are affected by endometriosis, a strange disease that has not been fully explored and is a mystery for scientists.
It is very similar to menstrual pain. It is usually benign – a chronic disease of the endometrium outside the uterus, which results in severe pain in the stomach and back during the menstrual cycle. There are times when they lose consciousness because of the intensity of pain.
Symptoms are usually the following:
* Nausea
* Problems with the intestines
* Excessive and heavy menstrual cycle
*Menstrual pain
* Stomach pain
The disease manifests itself through these unpleasant symptoms, and can even lead to infertility.
Read and learn the 4 steps can help you to discover this disease:
Pay attention to stomach cramps during the menstrual cycle. Make a note if are strange intense and constant throughout the day. Do you feel pain in your lower back, abdomen or pelvis when you have menstrual cycle? These symptoms should not be ignored.
Pain during sexual intercourse is not normal things and this is one of the indicators of endometriosis.
Irregular bleeding or profuse bleeding during the menstrual cycle is also clear sign of endometriosis.

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