Rub a Freshly Cut Tomato on Your Face for a Minute. Here’s The Incredible Effect!


Too young or old is not an issue of having problems with acne, even gender would not affect. It is very annoying to have that acne that mostly affect your looks and self confidence.

Acne has been identified as a skin disease by the National Institute of Health, considering the fact that it is such a common skin problem. It might not be dangerous, but still, this disease requires a special treatment. Acne is the result of blockage of the facial glands and follicles.

We can find a number of products for treating this skin issue on the market. However, the greatest part of these products is expensive and requires spending time and energy on them. Nevertheless, there is hope, because there is a very simple treatment that will not cost you much time, energy and money. You just need to use a common ingredient you already have in your kitchen.

Tomato Treatment for Acne

Yes, you read well. Tomatoes are the solution to the problem of acne and acne scars. Tomatoes are abundant in essential vitamins, including vitamin A, C, E, K, and B6, all of which are highly beneficial for the skin. Tomatoes have the ability to shrink the skin pores and make the skin more vibrant. They are excellent when it comes to restoring the skin’s pH balance and preventing further acne breakouts. The secret to this vegetable being so beneficial for your skin is in the compound it contains in great amounts – salicylic acid. This compound is frequently used in the cosmetic products sold in the stores.

How to Treat Your Acne with Tomatoes

As the case with all the diseases is, the remedy for this problem is also a very simple one. As we already said, the remedy for the problem of acne is tomato. Just cut a tomato in halves and rub a half over the acne for about one minute, making sure that the skin actually absorbs the tomato juice. Then, rinse your face using clean, cool water, and this is it. This method is very quick and simple and it does not require a lot of time. It works best for smaller acne breakouts.

#1 Facial Mask with Tomatoes

This treatment requires a little more time compared to the previous one. However, it works great for both light and heavy acne breakouts. You need to wash a tomato and then, using a knife, you need to make an “X” mark at its top. Then, place the tomato in a bowl full of warm water and leave it there for a minute so that it absorbs some water. Next, you need to peel the skin of the tomato, beginning with the incisions. Remove the seeds and mash the tomato to get a paste. Then, apply the paste onto the affected areas and let it stay on for an hour. In the end, rinse your face using water only. In case that the acne on your skin is rather painful, add some mashed cucumbers or some yogurt in the mixture.

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