She Was Using This Popular Children's Product With Her Kids,Now She Is Almost BLIND- You Won't Believed What Caused It!!

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Parents should take this as a warning, be more responsible on what you are doing because it might be the reason of something you can't afford to restore. All should be aware not only for children and parents, it could happen to anyone.

There are products that parents use with their children that they don’t think will cause any kind of harm.

Some products don’t seem like they would have any effect on the skin or the health of those who use them as they haven’t been tested in the proper ways. One woman used a craft supply, and it almost blinded her.

The mother used glitter with crafts, something that many other parents use on a regular basis. Caayi found out that there is a danger with the reflective glitter.

She made a video because she wanted to reveal how close she was to not being able to see herself in the mirror again or to see her children again.

Her day began like normal when she decided to make a few crafts with her kids. She got a small piece of glitter in her eye, but she thought she could simply wash it away. A month of irritation went by without any relief.

 A fungus started to develop in her eye. The cornea was ruptured by the glitter. Two surgeries were completed to solve the problem, but both failed. Several treatments and surgeries later, she lost the vision in the eye. She has been able to get a fake eye to put in place, but it’s nothing like what her real eye feels and functions like.

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