STUDY SHOWS: Left-handed People More at Risk of Having Breast Cancer

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Lefties are unique because they more often use their left hand for various purposes such as writing, cooking, holding the steering wheel, and others. The number of left-handed people in the world, an estimated 10-20 percent of the human population.

Not only that, there are some facts related to the health condition of left-handed people that are also unique and need to know. As for your information, here are the facts about left-handed people, as reported by the page Huffingtonpost, Saturday (13/2) =
Genetic factors.
It turns out that genetic factors contribute for about 25% of the cause of someone can be born left-handed. The rest, until now scientists are still searching for what exactly the factors that trigger people to become left-handed.
Stress during pregnancy.
A study in England said that if the mother is experiencing stress or depression during pregnancy, the fetus is more likely to have left-handed. Similarly if the infant with birth weight less, there is a possibility of experiencing left-handed as well.
Mental health.
A study in 2013 by Yale University revealed that the risk of someone experiencing mental health problems will be greater if they are left-handed. In other studies, it is shown that dyslexia is also often experienced by lefties.
Good at sport.
However, the strength of left-handed people are they really like and are good at doing sports. Professor of psychology at the University of Texas-Austin, Ronald Yeo, PhD said that the sports coaches will be easier to train the lefties.
Breast cancer.
British Journal of Cancer, published in 2007 writes that left-handed people have more risk to develop breast cancer, for women in old age.
Though not all, but they also often have the problem of insomnia or sleeplessness.

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