Uneven skin tone is being experienced by many people be it women or men that cause annoying feeling. It happens because of too much exposure to direct sunlight and use of different cosmetics that contains chemicals that is not applicable to your skin.

Therefore, most people reach for skin whitening creams or other similar products. These products are full of chemicals and they provide only a temporary effect. Hence, we present you a natural remedy which will help you whiten the skin.

This remedy is extremely beneficial for improving and balancing the skin tone. Before getting to the remedy, it is important to learn the steps for skin whitening.

How to Bleach Your Skin Naturally

When whitening the skin, you should consider the following three steps, which should be done as listed:

Exfoliation: This is the process of removing dead skin cells from the top of your skin. There are several great and natural exfoliators, but the sugar scrub is considered to be the best method. Sugar is a natural abrasive and it removes the dead skin cells, treats hyperpigmentation, and promotes healthy and beautiful skin.

Moisturizing: When you finish exfoliating the skin, applying a moisturizer is a must. This process protects the skin against drying and makes it smooth. For this purpose, you can use coconut oil, almond oil or sunflower oil. Moreover, drinking plenty of water is essential for proper skin care and hydration.

Cleaning: This process is crucial for proper skin care. Hence, you should wash your face and body every morning and evening. This will eliminate harmful substances, remove the excess skin oil, and relax your skin. Moreover, regular and proper cleaning protects the skin from age spots and wrinkles.

Skin Miracle Whitening Formula

  • 2 tbsp of honey
  • 3 tbsp of orange juice
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • Several lemon slices
Take a bowl and add the honey, orange juice, and sugar in it. Mix the ingredients well and apply a bit of the scrub on your hands. Then, take a lemon slice and rub the mixture well into the skin for several minutes. Finally, take a clean cloth and use it to remove the mixture of your hands.

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