The Danger Of Using Mobile Phone And Other Gadget Simultaneously! You Need To Know!



Simultaneously using two screens, for example TV and tablet or computer and mobile phone, changes the way your brain works and reduces the intelligence, as one Danish research has shown.

When using two electronic devices for short period of time the brain begins to produce dopamine, a hormone that is responsible for the feelings of pleasure.
The result – two screens act on the brain as marijuana, but without the characteristic feeling of bliss, emphasize the neurologists from the University of Copenhagen and warn that it is even more harmful than marijuana use.
There is some evidence supporting the claim that excessive mobile phone use can cause or worsen health problems. Germs are everywhere, and considering the number of times people interact with their cellphone under different circumstances and places, germs are very likely to transfer from one place to another.

 Research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine  at Queen Mary in 2011 indicated that one in six cell phones is contaminated with fecal matter. Under further inspection, some of the phones with the fecal matter were also harboring lethal bacteria such as E. coli, which can result in fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. According to the article Mobile Phones and Nosocomial Infections, written by researchers at Mansoura University of Egypt, it states that the risk of transmitting the bacteria by the medical staff (who carry their cellphones during their shift) is much higher because cellphones act as reservoir for the bacteria to thrive.
Cancer, specifically brain cancer, and its correlation with phone use, is an ongoing investigation. There are many variables that affect the likelihood of hosting cancerous cells which include how long and how frequently people use their phones. 
There has been no definitive evidence linking cancer and phone use if used moderately, but the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization said in 2011 that radio frequency is a possible human carcinogen, based on heavy usage increasing the risk of developing glioma  tumors — a common benign tumor, a rare but deadly form of cancer.

Although a relationship has not been fully established, research is continuing based on leads from changing patterns of mobile phone use over time and habits of phone users.Low level radio frequency radiation has also been confirmed as a promoter of tumors.


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