The EYE COLOUR reveals how good he is in the bed!-Read To Know!


Mostly people will say that eyes are mirror of the soul, looking thru the eyes of someone you will know how honest she/he is.The eyes can really reveal someone’s character. So it would be wise for the next time you fall in love right from the start notice the color of his eyes.

Brown eyes, shades of almond to dark brown, by so far are the most common, than blue, and green are the rarest. Discover how a man is hiding behind each view.

Brown eyes

Guys with brown eyes are considered to be gentle, loyal and reliable partners. They are full of confidence and determined to meet the objectives for which he mapped out.

They are fun and spontaneous guys, very transparent and mischievous character. They are real adventurers who enjoy life.

What is interesting, “brown-eyed” guys like to much to sleep, so that morning sex is not something that will arouse them?

Blue eyes

Blue-eyed have peaceful nature, and will always try to avoid unnecessary trouble. Although they do not like noise and women of exceptional temperament, they can do very impulsive to react to stimuli, making them particularly passionate lovers.

You’ll often catch them in thinking about life or planning because they do not leave anything to chance.

They enjoy flirting and they will do anything for the girl they like so they win her heart.

Green eyes

You’re a lucky girl if you stumbled on this “copy” because these guys are real rarity, so no wonder that their character is associated with mystery and secrets.

They are often a great mood for action in bed – they are imaginative and always ready to experiment, but they are not reliable persons. Often change dials and plans, and without notifying the women.

However, the green-eyed guy you certainly will not be bored and every night with him is uncertain adventure.

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