The SECRET To Great Looking Skin Is Finally REVEALED!


90% of women are searching for the best beauty ritual, especially for fairer and smooth skin. Beauty experts how ever suggesting the used of skin icing for better skin care treatment  which is very populary and widely used by korean women.

According to many health experts, the skin icing can prevent the formation of wrinkles, fight acne and blemishes, improve blood circulation, refresh the face and give the skin a healthy complexion.

Keep reading and find out more about the amazing benefits of this beauty ritual:
  1. Wrinkle Buster
The skin icing is shown to slow the down the formation of wrinkles, and to ease the signs of existing ones.
  1. Controls Blemishes
Icing reduces the redness and swelling, which is good for pimples. It soothes irritation as well.
Perform this technique any time you notice a new pimple. By doing so you will reduce the number as well as the size of blemishes. Hold the ice cube on the pimple for couple of seconds. It is recommended to repeat this procedure every other night.
  1. Improves Circulation

This technique improves blood circulation and constricts the blood vessels, which in turns enables less blood to reach the surface. This is especially good for cause of swelling and inflammation. Sending an increased flow of warm blood to the area is the body response to the cold treatment.

  1. Smoother Skin
The skin icing promotes smoother skin by toning the skin. It unclogs the enlarged pores which are filled with excess debris and sebum, which in turns tightens the skin and makes it look smoother and cleaner.

  1. Great for Puffy Eyes
Taking into consideration the fact that skin icing reduced swelling, it reduces the bags under the eyes as well.
  1. Pore Primer
You can use the skin icing as toner which comes before the layer of makeup. It makes the foundation look flawless, as a result to its ability to minimize the pores. So, perform the skin icing first and then apply your primer.


This technique doesn’t require any special effort, and it is extremely easy and simple. It can be performed either in the morning or in the evening, to your preference.  Just adhere to the following instructions:
  • Clean your face well.
  • Put two ice cubs in a soft cloth, such as gauze.
  • Once the ice starts melting, apply onto the face.
  • Hold it on different areas for about a minute.
  • Move the ice by using circular motions. Cover the area along the chin and the jaw line, the cheeks, the forehead, and the nose. Pay special attention to the area under the eyes.
  • Finally, apply a toner, an acne treatment, or moisturizer.
Additional Tips:

  1. If you decide to apply the ice cubes onto your skin directly, without covering the ice cubes, make sure you use gloves. By doing so you will be able to hold the ice longer.
  2. If your skin is too sensitive and you cannot stand using the ice directly, there is no need to worry. Holding the ice with a soft cloth promotes the same results.
  3. In case you use bare ice, don’t apply it straight from the freezer because it can break the capillaries under the skin. If you already have some broken capillaries, avoid using this treatment.
  4. The icing shouldn’t be hold for more than 15 minutes. Feel free to stop in any moment you feel uncomfortable.
  5. Adding other ingredients can help you achieve better results. You can use chamomile tea, green tea, cucumber, lemon, and rosewater, depending on your skin type.

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