“This Plant Has Saved Me From Cancer!”: A Man Discovers His Amazing Experience – Recipe


This is the story of a Bulgarian man who defeated the malignant disease. His story inspired many people

“In 2002, doctors found a benign tumor in my brain. I immediately admitted to the hospital BLD – Sofia surgery. The tumor’s size was 5.5 cm, and the operation was successful. The best neurosurgeons in Bulgaria operated on me. Two years later, the tumor returned and rose to almost the same size. I had the new operation, this time with laser, but after surgery my left arm and leg become paralyzed. Doctors examined my tumor which turned out to be atypical. Then, I went to the oncology, followed by radiotherapy, but that did not help. The tumor grew back and the new operation was scheduled. After the surgery, I went to rehab and then, fortunately for me, I met a man who changed my life” he says. The man was suffering from kidney cancer. Unfortunately, the operation was not a success, and the doctors told him he has 3-4 months left. Then, he met a man who told him about the plant that would save and change his life forever.
This plant is called black elder (elderberry)

There are thirty species in the elder family, with the black and red elder being the most important. The black elder is called Sambucus nigra. It is prized in many countries, prepared into syrups, compotes, jams, fruit juices, spirits, wines, vinegars and pies – berries are used for everything in some countries. However, there are still people who think that some berries are poisonous so their use is limited to folk remedies in other countries.
The black elder is a shrub that lives on open fields, around houses, in the woods or around river banks. It looks similar to blueberries, and ripens in late August, September and October. It should be well matured in order to benefit from its medicinal properties. When collecting, cut the whole branch, not just the berries.
The man gave his recipe for the elder berry recipe: “When you collect the berries, wash them and put them into jars – one layer of berries and a layer of sugar, until the jar is full. Keep the jar in a sunny place so it can boil. After two weeks, close the jar and put it in the fridge. Make as many jars as you like, but you always need two to keep you going until next year. Consume one teaspoon of the remedy every morning on an empty stomach, 10 minutes before meals.”
He continued: “This man convinced me of the amazing healing properties of the black elder. His doctors told him that his time was up, but he is still alive! The results showed that the cancer has fully disappeared. I started the treatment myself, waiting 2 months for the berries to mature. I prepared the remedy and applied it. It has been four years since my last surgery, and the tumor is gone. I told my story to a lot of people, and recently I heard of a woman who healed her breast cancer with this recipe.”
Black elderberry boosts the immune system and fights many diseases. Its fruits are best when fully ripe – they should be soft and black. The taste of the remedy is uncomfortable at first until you get used to it. When your body gets used to it too, make sure you’re near a toilet, because you will need to go after half an hour.



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