This Woman Is Dying And She Warns Other People Of A Disease Because Of Her Hobby!


Too much desire is not advisable, be contented sometimes and should know the positive and negative effects of your activities , because it might be the reason of putting your self to danger.

Surely you did not know that 10 million people in the US go to the tanning salon each year. This is a large number and of course that all of the firms claim that it is not dangerous for health and it is safer than exposure of your skin to the sun.

 But going to a tanning bed can be a source of many health and skin diseases, and experts say it is better to go out in the sun for 30 minutes rather than lying 2 minutes in the solarium.

Below is the story of a 50-year-old woman who believed strongly in the effects of tanning, and she began the tradition of going to beauty salons even 22 years ago.

She constantly went in order to have a youthful appearance and glow. Her name is Trenner and she wanted to share her story before she dies from deadly metastatic melanoma.

“I knew to say that I do not care if I die because of tanning, just to have a good complexion, but it is not my opinion more,” said Trenner.

She’s got skin cancer, the fight against the disease, and the reasons why she suffered are severe and painful for Trenner. But she wanted to say that no one should go to the solarium and to keep their natural tanning of the skin.

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