WARNING: Bleeding From Your Nose Is A Serious Symptoms-Pay Attention To This!


Bleeding nose can be a sign of something not good in your body and you need to pay attention for easy treatment, sometimes it is due to cold weather or something that is hard accidentally hit you nose.

Make sure to consult your doctor if your nose bleeds very often. Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia is one reason among all others for bleeding nose. As we already mentioned, there are other symptoms for bleeding nose like the appearance of red spots on the face, lips and extremities. These patients have abnormal blood vessels which cause frequent bleeds.
When it manifested?
This condition can manifest at any age, ranging from a baby, but usually the symptoms show up in older people.
Bleeding from the nose is one of the most recognizable symptoms which over some period of time becomes more abundantly. In most of the cases, the bleeding starts with no apparent reason like an injury. Other symptoms are the appearance of red spots on the face, mouth and hands.
Diagnosis of the disease is a real challenge
Different people manifest different symptoms. Some people have abnormal vessels which can be found in their brain and lungs, and most commonly the first symptom of the disease is bleeding in the lungs or stroke. Moreover, the lack of awareness of medical professionals for this condition is yet another reason for late diagnosis.
The key for effective treatment is an early detection. Depending on the degree of development of the disease, the doctors decide what kind of treatment is required. Laser treatment of lesions that bleed is one option. In the past, surgery was the standard solution, but nowadays it is replaced with interventional procedures to decide the abnormality of the blood vessels.

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