WARNING TO ALL: Stop Eating This Every Day! This Can Kill You!!!


Careless preparation of the food we consume is very harmful and it can be even life-threatening. In order to avoid food poisoning, you need to prepare and preserve your food in an adequate manner. Some people may not know that some foods are natural toxins.


Mushrooms – nearly six percent of the toxic mushrooms contain fatal poison

Rhubarb – the green leaves of this plant contain oxalic acid. Consumption of this plant can contribute to formation of kidney stones, and its consumption in large amounts can be fatal.

Beans – there are beans that contain huge amounts of toxins known as lectins. The lectins for this plant are the same as the human antibodies for man – they represent a form of primitive protection. Consumption of only three of these cooked beans can lead to diarrhea and vomiting.

Apples – apple seeds contain cyanide, so if you consume a lot of them, you can get poisoned. So, remember that you need to throw them away.

Tomatoes – these fruits, or to be more precise, their leaves and green parts contain a toxin called tomatin. This toxin can be utilized in pest control. People who suffer from rheumatism are not recommended to eat tomatoes.

Potatoes – when green, potatoes contain great quantities of the glycoalkaloids poison. They are very rarely lethal, but still, there are records of some deaths caused by consumption of green potatoes.

Brazilian nuts – these nuts are part of the group of foods that contain the highest amount of natural radioactivity. Namely, they have 800 times the concentration of radioactivity than any other food.

Cherries – cherry seeds also contain cyanide. Swallowing a few seeds of cherry can lead to poisoning, increase in the body temperature, breathing difficulties, etc. remember to always throw them away.

Nutmeg – this fruit is known for its hallucinogenic properties. It can contribute to a kind of phychosis linked to a sense of certain doom. Overdose of this substance can cause serious damage to the psychological state.

Puffer fish – this Japanese delicacy can be so toxic that can even contribute to paralysis and death. Chefs in Japan train two to three years so that they learn how to prepare this delicacy.

Take care of what you eat!

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