What To Do If You See Blisters And Sores On Your GENITALS.. Don't Panic Here's What You Need to Know!


Safe s3x need to be practiced to avoid getting of STI or a like conditions that can cause irritation, they may bleed if scratched , but there's a best way to treat them with this simple tips.

All women can get v*ginal blisters and they are caused by ingrown hair, friction, and clogged sweat glands. They differ from the typical STD blister or bumps, and non STDs v*ginal or vulvar blisters.
The ordinary v*ginal blister looks as any other blister and can also contain blood or fluid. Their shape can be oval or circular and feel like a gel bubble on the touch. There is no obvious border and they should not smell badly, itch, or burn, appearing like a single blister.
What are the causes of a female genital sore?
S3xual transmitted diseases are the most common causes of genital sores. They can spread through oral, anal, or v*ginal s3x, or also sharing of s3x toys. Examples of STIs which cause female genital sores are:
  • Syphilis;
  • Molluscum contagiuosm (skin infection that has pearly nodules);
  • Genital warts;
  • Chancroid (bacterial disease);
  • Genital herpes.
However, chronic skin conditions may also produce the sores and cause pain, burning, and itching. Such conditions are:
  • Atopic dermatitis (skin inflammation often caused by allergies);
  • Vulvovagnitis (vagina or vulva inflammation);
  • Skin cancer;
  • Noncancerous cysts;
  • Contact dermatitis (sensitivity of irritants or chemicals).
They occur on the vulva, but are not noticed usually until friction happens. Moreover, they are not painful, but when touched directly, they can be painful.
Measures for self-care
Each sore needs to be checked by a doctor. But, while you wait for the appointment, a sitz bath may relieve the pain and discomfort. Fill your bathtub with some warm water that goes up to your hips when you sit and add mild saline solution or baking soda to the water. Take a small basin for sitz bath from a store and use it instead of a bathtub.
When you soak in water, the blisters will be encouraged to rupture naturally and there won’t be pain. Do not open them by yourself as in this way they will be more prone to infections. Let them go through their course naturally and the healing process will begin on its own.
The blisters usually last for more than a week, but there are times when it can take longer than a week if in case the body needs longer period for healing.

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