WHY IS THIS HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC: Top 10 Causes Of Cancer That We Use Daily!-Read Immediately


They said, this 10 causes of cancer is strictly hidden from the public so that big pharma business can make profit from it.

Cancer based on numerous studies is one of the leading cause of death nowadays. Chemotherapy is one of the solution to recover from cancer.
Take time to read this 10 causes and stay away from this food to save your life and your family.
Hormones in meat and milk
Domestic animals are fed with artificial hormones in order to increase production of milk and meat. These hormones can cause inflammation, cancer and many other diseases.
Mammography, dental x-rays, scanners at the airport
You know how mammography or dental technicians tell you to wear protective switches on body parts that are scanned before they step out? That’s because the rays are extremely harmful and can cause cancer.
Aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants
Breast cancer occurs in the upper part of the body near the armpit, where we put deodorants, which are apparently filled with aluminum besides other ingredients. If you must, use organic or homemade deodorants.
Toxic cosmetics
We apply creams and what not every day to our skin, our most valuable and biggest organ! These cosmetics often end up being filled with tar and petroleum, toxins that harm and damage the skin, and make it fertile ground for cancer. Immediately switch to homemade skin creams and remedies and throw out all your cosmetics!
GMO soy and corn
Soy in America is almost fully GMO, as well as the soy milk. It contains hemagglutinin, an ingredient that turns the red corpuscles into clots, and also contains estrogen. If you want milk, buy organic, no matter if it’s cow or goat milk.
Artificial sweeteners
Refined sugar is dangerous because it spikes the insulin levels besides being made from GMO sugar beets. Fructose found in cans of soda causes cancer, and contains caramel color, which is known as a carcinogenic ingredient. Soda also acidifies the body, which is harmful and makes cancer cells multiply rapidly. Limit refined sugars in your diet or drink organic, homemade juices.
Fluoridated water
Fluoride pollutes the water and washes the minerals out of the body that way weakening the immune system. Drink clean spring water instead.
Drugs and vaccines
What you need to do is find a doctor you can trust, who will advise you about accepting a healthy, cancer-free diet and lifestyle. Stay away from drugs made solely to profit from your diseases.
Canned goods
Cans include a product called bisphenol-A, or BPA, which genetically alters the rat brain cells. BPA is also found in plastic, thermal paper, water lines and dental composites.
Commercial soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, cream
Everything we apply on the hair, skin or teeth goes directly in the bloodstream, polluting it with substances and byproducts that cause cancer. As we said, use organic, natural cosmetics. That’s why old people say: “If you would not eat it, do not use it on your skin!”.

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