Your Heart Beats FAST and Skip?-Here's How to Slow It Down In A Minute Without Medication!


Our heartbeat can tell something about our health condition, faster and slower rate has very important meaning.People with faster heart rate are 78% greater risk of developing heart disease. If your heart beats too quickly when resting, it could signal that you’re in poor physical shape or that you’re significantly stressed out.

 Additionally, if you experience a very high heart rate, it is imperative that you take steps to slow it down! This may occur due to stress and can cause a lot of anxiety affecting both men and women at similar rate.It is very unpleasant experience.

Cold Water Method

For this method you will need a container filled with very cold water (the colder it is, the better), so you have to put a lot of ice cubes in it.
In case of a fast heartbeat, all you need to do is inhale deeply and dip your face into the cold water, and to stay this position for as long as you can.
This method stimulates your vagus nerve that has an effect on the heart rhythm. When you hold your face in cold water, your body sends a signal for slowing down of the metabolism, known as the diving reflex, which causes a fast decrease of the heart rate.
This same reflex helps people to survive for a longer period in cold water, because it slows down the body’s metabolism.

Deep Breathing

Breathe in very deeply, to the extent that you’re not able to take in any more air. Afterward, exhale the air from your lungs very quickly. Repeat the procedure as long as needed. The deep inhaling alone is not enough, because it’s not capable to slow down the work of the heart and therefore you need to inhale air to the utmost limits of your lungs, significantly more than simple deep inhaling. Only thus you will slow down the work of your heart.

Valsalva Maneuver

Pinch your nose and close your mouth and try to blow hard without allowing the air to come out.Hold this pressure as long as you can. Afterward, exhale and relax.You might experience a mild vertigo, but this is quite normal. It’s the same feeling as the one when you’re trying to unplug your ears in order to balance out the pressure.
Try every one of this methods when you are experiencing fast heart beat  and see which method suits you the best.

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