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You might be consuming this food everyday, and sad to know that they are cancer causing food, but thanks to this information so that readers can stay away from this types of foods.

Read the below info that causes cancer and put your life in danger!

      1.Microwave Popcorn
It is commonly known that microwave popcorn is not a healthy option at all and it is associated with increased risk of cancer development. So, you can make a healthy snack by popping your own popcorn in ghee or coconut oil. Make sure you use organic popcorn kernels. Also, you should avoid buying popcorn at the movie theatres because they use a buttering agent which can be a potential carcinogen.
Cancer-Causing Agent:microwave process leads to formation of perfluorooctanic acid due to the substances contained on the inside of the bags.
  1. Jerky
Even though many consider it a healthy- protein snack, beef jerky contains nitrites, compound which are linked to cancer development. There are many foods which contain nitrites, but the concentration found in beef jerky is much greater than in any other foods.
Luckily, you can prepare your own beef jerky using grass-fed ground beef. Roll it out using a rolling pin and bake it in oven for hours at the lowest temperature.
Cancer-Causing Agent: Nitrites are added to beef jerky to give color and preserve it fresh for longer time.
  1. Canned Foods
BPAs contained in canned foods have long been under scrutiny whether t causes cancer, and whether or not
Canned foods have long been under scrutiny whether they contain enough BPAs to cause cancer, and whether or not they`re transferred to the foods. The best option is to consume fresh or frozen food, or strictly choose BPAs-free canned foods.
Cancer-Causing Agent: Bisphenol-A (BPA) is considered as carcinogenic compound.
  1. GMO Foods
Many crops and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides which go directly into the seeds and you cannot rinse off before consuming. Therefore, you should look for 100% organic foods, or search for “Non-GMO Project Verified” label on your food before buying it.
Cancer-Causing Agent: pesticides and herbicides which have carcinogenic properties and can lead to many other health conditions.
  1. Cola
The chemical additives which have been added in cola to give its brown color have been shown to cause cancer. Moreover, the High Fructose Corn Syrup has the ability to feed any existing cancer cell you currently have.
Therefore, you should avoid drinking cola as much as possible and soon you will notice a drop in your weight due to reduced intake of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Also, there will be no more blood sugar spikes.
Cancer-Causing Agent: The caramel color of cola is due to the presence of 4-MI (4-methylimidazole), a substance associated with cancer development in thousands of individuals.
  1. Diet Foods
The sad truth about diet drinks is that they do not help you lose weight and are even associated with cancer development. People who are obese have a greater chance of developing cancer.
n addition, diet foods contain artificial sweeteners whose task is to provide a better taste without affecting the sugar or calorie concentration. These are chemicals produced in a lab are considered as toxic and harmful for your health.
Cancer-Causing Agent:Aspartmane is the most commonly used artificial sweetener which can be found in a number of diet foods. Even though FDA claims that there is no enough supported evidence, aspartmane is considered to have carcinogenic properties.
  1. Fried Snacks
We all know that fried snacks are extremely delicious, but what about their harmful effects? Namely, during the frying process there is a formation of cancer-causing substances and many people are not aware of that. Fried snacks undergo deep frying process in order to be brown and crispy.
Cancer-Causing Agent:Acrylamide is a substance produced from the process of frying foods at high temperatures. There is also a formation of a by-product called Glycamide which together with acrylamide increase the risk of cancer development.

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