BEWARE!! STOP Eating Instant Noodles -They Can Kill You In 10 Ways!

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We love to eat noodles because they are very easy to cook and comes with different delicious flavor. But there is a scary fact, that eating it might caused your life to danger. However, there is an even worse version of the already-unhealthy noodles, and that is instant noodles.

So, whether you allow your kids, friends, family or even yourself to eat instant noodles, which can be anything from lo mein, ramen noodles and many more items, you might want to know the 10 reasons that these instant noodles can kill you.
Yes. They’re that scary.
  1. Instant noodles are known for absorbing nutrients, especially for children who are under the age of 5.
  2. Studies have shown that women who eat instant noodles while pregnant are more likely to have a miscarriage than those women who didn’t. How, you ask? Instant noodles have the ability to affect the development of the fetus.
  3. Since instant noodles are made out of carbohydrates, they truly have absolutely no nutrition to them – no vitamins, fiber or minerals. They’re just junk, and junk food is dangerous and detrimental to your health.
  4. Each package of instant noodles also contain high amounts of sodium, which can ultimately lead to heart disease, strokes, kidney damage and many other similar problems.
  5. Many instant noodles come in Styrofoam containers which are believed to have a chemical that has been directly linked to causing cancer.
  6. Eating instant noodles causing obesity, just as all junk food does. The noodles actually contain large amounts of fat, as well as sodium which was mentioned previously. This all causes water retention which has been directly linked to causing overweight and even heart problems.
  7. MSG stands for Monosodium Glutamate and it can be found in instant noodles as a way to enhance the flavor. Many people are actually allergic to MSG and can end up suffering from facial flushing, pain, headache and burning sensations, as well as many indigestion symptoms.
  8. As mentioned, indigestion is a huge problem with consuming instant noodles as they are extremely harmful to your digestive system. Consuming them on a regular basis can lead to irregular bowl movements, bloating and even IBS.
  9. When you consume instant noodles on a regular basis, your body’s metabolism is also negatively affected because the chemicals are extremely harmful, and there is many of them such as coloring, preservatives and additives.
  10. Lastly, Propylene Glycol is an ingredient found in instant noodles and it weakens your immune system. What is even more scary is that the body easily absorbs Propylene Glycol which damages the kidneys, liver and heart and can cause many abnormalities to a variety of other areas in your body.
So, before you reach for the little Styrofoam containers that seem ideal for your child’s lunch (whether they’re Paleo or not), or think that the cheap, affordable and fast pastas as expectable when enjoyed in moderation, you may want to think again because instant noodles can kill you, and in more than just one way. Save the money, and save your life and avoid noodles all together unless you are making them in your kitchen with vegetables.


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