Cabbage Juice!!!! Protects Against Colon Cancer, Constipation And Many More…….Proven!!!!

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Cabbage is not just a vegetables to serve as our food, but there are hidden elements and substance that can be used to cure and served as medicine.

Cabbage juice has been used to treat a number of health conditions including colitis, constipation, hair loss, skin problems but it is probably most well known for its ability to heal ulcers. It is believed that the glutamine content of cabbage is the main driving force behind
The power of green has been discovered many years ago. It helps anemia, used as a natural antiseptic, restoring vitamins and minerals.
Cabbage helps the ulcer in the stomach acting as a natural laxative, helps the chronic cough and morning hangover.
Eating cabbage for 2 or more times a week lowers the risk of suffering from colon cancer.
Cabbage juice is also very helpful. Helping with ear infections, using a clean cotton cloth or a swab soaked in the cabbage juice.
The juice is great for digestive tract or swollen feet. If carrot juice is added it is excellent for people with calcium deficiency and people suffering from osteoporosis.
Cabbage juice is full of vitamin C, U having strong anti-inflammatory action. Cleans the intestines, helping with constipation, supplying the body with sodium. Having problem with the gallstones, just add olive oil to the cabbage juice.
To begin, chop the stem off your cabbage and then chop it in half. Next slice the half just wide enough to fit through your juicer feed. Generally half a cabbage is a good starting amount to juice.
I like to combine cabbage juice with other complementary vegetables as it’s quite potent on its own. Cabbage, carrots and celery juice is often recommended for digestive health and there are four more raw juice recipes .
As with any freshly made juice, it’s good to drink raw cabbage juice immediately for the most health benefits. Unusually though, cabbage juice can also be fermented and makes for a particularly good probiotic.

Cabbage Juice Dosage

Half a cabbage or more, freshly juiced and ideally several times a day before meals is recommended for peptic ulcer treatment. That sounds like a bit of work, but if you had a highly painful ulcer, I’d imagine you’d get straight to juicing if it could bring you relief.
For those drinking juiced cabbage as an ulcer preventative or simply as a healing tonic, every few days might be a good regime. Again, it’s generally best to mix cabbage juice with other healing juices like carrot juice or celery juice. If you do want to have it straight, it’s probably worth diluting it at least half and half with water.


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