CAUTION: This Is Something You Should Never Do While In The Shower, Because It Causes Terrible Consequences!

STAFF 10:04 PM

Its a nature of all women to be look fresh ,neat and clean, that is why they washed every little parts of their body, without knowing of getting a high risks of deadliest disease.

Ovarian cancer is known as a silent killer that causes death in a great number of women. Many scientists from the USA say that flushing the intimate area can be dangerous. 

One study revealed that 29% of 232 people regularly washed their intimate area, and 57% of them said they never did. 

The study showed that those who regularly flushed the intimate area had much higher risks of cervical cancer and reduced rates of fertility.

This practice can lead to serious health problems. Women often do not experience any symptoms of ovarian cancer until the disease progresses to the last stage. 

The link between ovarian cancer and rinsing is even stronger because the researchers only studied women who had cancer genes in the family.


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