Doctor Haider Reveal-“The Amazing Health Benefits of Pandan Leaf-You Will Be Surprised!


This kind of leaves are very famous but only few knows the numerous healing properties and benefits of this leaf. Commonly used of this leaf are being used for cooking rice it adds flavor and good smell.

Pandan leaves have many culinary uses and healing benefits and have been used for centuries. 

Here are the benefits of pandan leaves:

Great for Anxiety and Stress - If a person has anxiety drinking 2 or 3 cups of pandan tea will sooth away their stress. 
Great for Pain - Pandan leaves are wonderful for getting rid of pain of all kinds including arthritis, chest pains, earaches, and headaches. Drink a cup of pandan tea as needed for pain. 
Gum Pain - Chewing fresh or dried leaves pandan leaves is a great way to sooth away oral discomforts and gum pain. 
Natural Mosquito Repellant - Pandan extract in high concentrations can also be used to keep away mosquitos with skin application… and it’s not toxic compared to DEET and other agents which are very toxic. 
GI Cramps and Spams - Pandan leaves work wonders for of the GI tract and especially stomach cramps. Drink the tea as needed. 
After Childbirth - Pandan leaf tea also works wonders for new mothers right after childbirth, giving them soothing relaxing energy. 
Arthritis Liniment - Take pandan leaf tea and add some coconut oil to it and then dab this liniment on arthritic joints for pain. 
Lowers Blood Pressure - Take 2 or 3 leaves and boil in 2 cups of water and reduce to one cup — drink this tea every AM and PM to lower blood pressure.  
Reduces Fevers - Pandan leaves also help to reduce fevers… drink the tea as needed.
Cancer - Pandan leaf tea can also help to prevent and heal some types of cancer. 
Skin Fungus - Take fresh pandan leaves and extract the juice from the leaves and add the juice to a cup of salt water, and drink one cup a day for 3 days. 
Detoxing Agent - Pandan leaf tea is also great for detoxing the liver and the body in general.

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