Here’s What Actually Happens When You Stop Taking Birth Control!-You Must Read It!


If you are worrying about the possible effect if you plan to stop taking birth control, here are some so you will not be too much worried.

FYI: We’re just talking about hormonal birth control here — like the Pill, hormonal IUD, ring, patch, implant, and shot.
If your periods were just a brief monthly dream before you went on the Pill, then chances are they’ll go back to that after you stop it. But if you faintly remember a time filled with debilitating cramps, serious acne, and raging mood swings, you might want to prepare yourself for that nightmare to come right back when you stop.
Hormonal birth control can do a lot to manage these symptoms, says Streicher, and those bonuses go away once you stop taking it. That said, if you had bad side effects while taking birth control — like v@ginal dryness, headaches, or worse cramps — those will (thankfully) go away when you stop it, too.
Your period can change throughout your lifetime, whether you go on hormonal birth control or not, says Streicher. So if you’ve been on birth control since you were 15, you may end up finding that your period is different now that you’re off it. If these changes are super noticeable — like much heavier bleeding or wildly irregular cycles — and it lasts for more than a few months after stopping birth control, Streicher suggests checking with your doctor to make sure it’s not something else.
Here are some of the effects after you stop taking birth control:

1. It’s possible to get pregnant pretty much immediately.

2. Your period might be a little wonky for a while.

3. The best predictor of what your period will be like off birth control is what it was like before birth control

4. If you’ve been taking the birth control shot, it can take up to six months for your fertility to go back to normal.

 5.You may notice that you start to get horn1er in the middle of your cycle.

6.If your b0obs grew while on birth control, they’ll probably shrink back to normal size.


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