IMPORTANT: CNN – Do Not Eat These Foods As They Can Make Worms Born In Your Body!!Terrifying

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Worms can invade human brain, by eating certain foods, so you must know what are those food, and start staying away from them. Worms are very harmful and turn as parasites inside human body and damages the brain and other vital parts creating serious effects.

Dr. Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas examined head of a man, and the tapeworm that was inside was a kind of a warm that was never seen before in UK.
Several years ago, the team of Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge examined a man for his headaches. He returned for tests after a short time with new symptoms. The patient had previously traveled to China, a country that had the most cases of the parasite known as Spirometra erinaceieuropaei throughout Thailand, Japan and South Korea.
The warm was causing seizures and weakness, along with the headaches. He had an infection named sparganosis kid of a parasitic infection which is caused by tapeworm larvae plerocercoid diphyllobothroid belonging to the genus Spirometra. After the diagnosis the patient needed surgery, because this infection cannot be treated by drugs.
Pork Tapeworm
There are lots of tapeworms, but only three of them infect the brain. According to Helena Helmby of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the pork tapeworm is the main culprit of infecting the brain.
You can get this infection if you are eating undercooked pork from pigs that are already infected with this parasite. This results in taeniasis, when an adult worm resides in the intestine.
The second for of infection is when a person is in direct contact with animal feces. This can cause neurocysticercosis, a condition when the larval worm infects the nervous system and brain. This type of infection is very dangerous because it can cause epilepsy.
Although the infection is more common in some parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America, the global distribution of pork tapeworm is increasing – Dr. Klotsas has already had three neurocysticercosis patients in their care in Cambridge.
There are certain types of drugs that can help but the most effective method to be removed by surgery.
There are other concerns, like the world food trade and the international travels, or the risk to eat infected food.
The massage for here has to be spread, and the region where these infections are possible to be treated and to raise awareness about the situation.


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