PARENTS ATTENTION: Baby dies after drinking BREAST MILK mixed with WATER!



This story may served as a lesson to all parents and soon to be, please read and spread the info.

A 10-week-old's unfortunate death raises question around the topic of breast-milk mixed with water. Should you give an exclusively breastfed infant water? What are the consequences if you do? Find out in this article.

10-week-old Nevaeh Marie  died of water intoxication after her parents repeatedly gave her breast milk mixed with water. Watering down the breast milk resulted in a drop in Nevaeh’s electrolyte and sodium levels which made her brain swell.
According to prosecutors, Herbert George Landell and Lauren Heather Fristed allegedly refused to give her medical treatment when she got sick, citing their religious beliefs. By the time they finally took their little girl to hospital, it was too late, and the baby died.

Do breastfed babies need water?

Lactation experts from organizations such as the World Health Organization  (WHO) agree that exclusively breastfed babies do not require additional water. This is because breast milk is made up of 88% water — especially the “fore milk” that comes with each feed — and therefore fulfills all your baby’s hydration needs.

Even colostrum, which is what your newborn baby will drink in the first few hours after birth, is all that is needed to keep your little one hydrated.
So, before you plan to give some dose to your baby,better consult your pedia doctor, or other medical professionals if you are in doubt.


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